Using an Email Address to Find a Name

For the most part, this site was created to help users find an email address for a person they are searching. However, we also realized that occasionally, someone might need to conduct a reverse email search. This is when the searcher already knows the email address, but wants to find the owner’s name. A reverse email address search here at will give the user the ability to get what they want out of the search (to identify and contact a chosen email), without a disregard for peoples’ privacy (disclosing more than the first initial in the last name or all of the mailing address).

Performing a reverse email address search can be very effective in finding the owner of the email address. Even when the owners name cannot be found in our database of 68 million records, there may be other information available that could aid in furthering the search.

Everyone who logs online leaves an electronic "paper trail". The same thing happens when you send an email to someone online. When we perform a reverse email search, we will attempt to discover the IP address of the sender. With this, we may also be able to find information on their location and where the email came. Now, often that location information belongs to the email address provider (such as Yahoo, Google or Microsoft) but occasionally that IP and location can track an email address all the way to the person sending the email.

Sometimes, a paper trail is left online, where someone may have signed up for a social network or posted an email address to a help forum. In any case, when a reverse search is performed we will also source the web looking for additional information on the email address.

These are several of the ways our reverse email search works to find the name belonging to an email address. It is easy to begin your search. Simply type in the email address and press search here.